As a way of giving back to the society and contributing to development of our society, Euidem Concepts have been committed to several developmental projects. Our main community development project is tagged Euidem YSAED with two main aspects – ICT for schools (for public secondary school students) and Skills Acquisition program (for graduates). Both projects are managed under our Lean on Me project   (project page at Http://

Euidem YSAED is a project aimed at providing in-depth training opportunities for youths in different skills with a focus on ICT. We hope to lay a foundation for future innovators and equip thousands of youths with marketable skills, create more jobs and increase National development. Visit our changemaker’s profile page for more info.

Picture Gallery

  • ICT for Schools graduates and their trainers
  • Some of the Volunteer trainers
  • A student cries as he narrates his ordeal
  • A cross-section of the donated computers
  • Brand new desktop computers donated to ADCHS
  • Commissioning of the ICT room and computers
  • The former ICT room at ADCHS
  • Members of the project committee
  • During a sensitization lecture
  • A community sensitization program
  • Dedicated ICT training for Corps members
  • A cross-section of trainees
  • ICT training for NYSC corps members
  • A cross-section of trainees
  • A typical ICT for Schools class
  • Paints donated by the community for the project

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