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Morning friend,
Let’s discuss procrastination. You are guilty if u do any of the following.

1. Avoiding difficult work situations, hoping they will change if you wait long enough.
2. Putting off routine or menial tasks, i.e., responding to letter, cleaning your files, organizing your desk.
3. Staying with a job or position long after it has stopped being a challenge.
4. Being afraid to relocate to another town, fear of any kind of change or risk.
5. Frequently getting sick or having minor accidents when faced with a difficult or unpleasant task.
6. Delaying something or doing it so badly that someone else finally does it.
7. Avoiding confrontation with others, even when you have a legitimate grievance or a just cause.
8. Blaming outside forces for your lack of successes and happiness.
9. Using negativism and criticism to get out of doing something.
10. Refusing to get a physical check-up when you suspect something is wrong, putting off professional help to kick drinking, drug or smoking habits.
11. Using the excuse “It’s boring” to avoid full participation in your job.
12. Planning but never putting into action your major goals in life.

Get along! Why wait!

Procrastination is a killer of destiny. Why keep what you can do now for another time? Fight procrastination and your success will come soon. Have a nice day!

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Playstation 4

Playstation 4 : All you need to know

In the year 2007 when Sony released Playstation 3, they seemed to have come late into the game, with the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 already launched one and two years before respectively. However, after some years, the Playstation 3 found its way up the chart to be the best console in the market. No matter how good a thing is, it is human to begin to crave for a change, perhaps a more advanced or different version. After enjoying the PS3 for years, fans have been clamouring for PS4 and finally here it is.

Back in August a Sony vice president said that the company felt there was no need for a PlayStation 4 yet. The reason given was that the company feels developers have still not done everything they can with the PS3.

That aside, there is no doubt that Sony will be looking at what its next-gen console will be able to do as it won’t want to trail the Xbox 720 or Wii U by too long. Of course, until Sony finally makes its reveal later, we still don’t have any hard facts about the PS4 release date but reliable Intel confirms it will be released this year

In terms of power, it is likely that the PS4 will stick with the multi-core (3.2 GHz) Cell processor (or some version of it) that the PS3 uses which reportedly cost Sony about $3billion. Although the chip gave developers a lot of problems at first, it later proved to be worth the stress. There are two main elements to the Cell chip, the Power Processing Element (PPE) and the Synergistic Processing Elements (SPEs) and the new chip inside the PS4 is rumoured to have double the SPEs of the original, with 16.

It is believed that the Playstation 4 will improve on the blu-ray drive and on-demand streaming features that PS3 featured. It is also expected that their wll be an improvement in the community and social networks services (as most gamers will admit that the PSN can’t be compared with xbox live).

An increase in price should also be expected because that is usually the trend with gadgets and similar stuffs. When the PS 4 is finally out, it is no doubt that it definitely be phenomenal.

Google glasses

The unveiling of the project glasses by google that spranged up different discussions and questions all over the world. While some people feel it is a step in the positive direction, some other people think google just want to turn people into moble advertising billboards, some other people are just indifferent as they watch the drama unfolds.

Google Glass is the attempt to make wearable computing mainstream, and it’s effectively a smart pair of glasses with an integrated heads-up display and a battery hidden inside the frame.

Wearable computing is not a new idea, but Google’s enormous bank account and can-do attitude means that Project Glass could well be the first product to do significant numbers.

The prime difference between your specs (snore) and this futuristic fashion-wear is the ‘heads-up’ display, where information and applications appear; the display demonstrates remarkable versatility in the video, with users shown chatting to friends, searching Google for appropriate Thai phrases and tracking their way through New York traffic.

The New York Times says that the glasses will run Android, will include a small screen in front of your eye and will have motion sensors, GPS and either 3G or 4G data connections. Weintraub says that the device is designed to be a stand-alone device rather than an Android phone peripheral: while Project Glass can connect to a smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0, “it communicates directly with the cloud”. There is also a front-facing camera and a flash, although it’s not a multi-megapixel monster, and the most recent prototype’s screen isn’t transparent.

Even if you wear glasses already, the glasses are framed insuch a way that you will be able to use your existing glasses with it.

The company has also expanded pre-orders for the developer’s version (which is usually more expensive) for $1,500 available till the 27 th Febraury, 2013. Although we confirmed from relaible sources that the glasses will cost about $750 when finally released.  Unfortunately for Google Glass fans in the wider world, you’ll have to be a US resident to be eligible.

Not to worry, Google says the glasses are set to be launched by 2014 at the latest so there’s not too long left to wait.

HTC one – Redefining Smartphones

In a bid to winner back the lead in the android market, HTC has launched an exclusive brand- HTC one which is recently been announced at events in London and New York. From the features of this new brand, it can be concluded without any element of doubt the HTC one is the most dramatic handset HTC has released yet. The HTC One bears passing resemblances to the HTC 8X, aside the fact that it is more loaded with the latest technology; it is only 9mm thick!!!

The phone is uniquely designed and appealing to the eyes with the curved rear fitting nicely into your hand. On the control front there’s an obvious change: HTC has dropped the recent apps button. Instead the bottom of the phone has the back button and the home capacitive buttons flanking the HTC logo and this rolls in some new changes in the way the HTC Sense 5 works.

HTC promised a new revolution in sound and camera experience in the HTC One and that promise has been kept with the birth of Boomsound and ultra pixel camera. These two are among the stand out features of the HTC one. The phone has a carved out space for stereo front-facing speakers, so they fire directly towards you from behind their signature micro-drilled grills.

On the back of the HTC One is a 4-megapixel camera, in what might be HTC’s biggest spec sheet gamble. The company has dared to be different by not following the usual megapixel increase race but introducing what they call the Ultrapixel sensor which has larger pixels (about 2 microns) which they claim to capture about 200% more light than other phone cameras.

The build quality is superb, but in many ways the HTC One does not seem like a rival to the likes of the glass monolith of the Sony Xperia Z, and it feels a little like “just another” HTC phone.

It is no doubt an awesome product and a plus to HTC. The phone will be in the stores in black and silver from the 15 th March, 2013.