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Top Online Tools for Graphic Designers

Graphic design is a rather demanded job where people work with visual concepts. Graphic designers create fonts, page layouts, adware, etc. Their aim is to create a nice picture or concept that will attract more customers to a certain product, company, service, and so on. This job is interesting, so many young people want to switch to it or any related job. If you also have such an idea, you should be attracted by high salaries and interesting work. We won’t argue the latter aspect, but we add that this occupation presupposes your ability to resist the stress, to handle several tasks at one time, and work hard.
Many people who have some creative abilities want to obtain graphic design skills and start a side job; this is particularly relevant for students. But we must disappoint you: you should be given to this work. “Why not ask a professional writer to write my essays for me, and devote all my time to graphic design?” — if this idea crossed your mind, bring it to reality. So, if you want to start working as a graphic designer, you should be aware of the most popular online software that will save you time.
Explore top online tools and try some of them in your work to assess the effectiveness.


This tool is popular even among people who aren’t professional graphic designers because it can help a person create an amazing design in a few minutes. There are lots of templates, and each user can change colors, fonts, and patterns, add certain elements to create a unique logo, postcard, presentation and image.


Sometimes, the success of a certain project lies in choosing a good font. And the process of selecting the proper font that will satisfy the client can last long. In such a situation, an extensive font library may be in order. Myfonts.com is the largest online font library. Besides the number of free fonts, it has something else to offer. If you need to find out the origin of a certain font, you may upload it to this tool and find out everything you need.


Beginning graphic designers aren’t necessary to download Photoshop and other popular programs to try their hand at it. Several years earlier, people think that launching an excellent online editing tool is beyond reality, but the times have changed. Download Pixlr to prove it. By the way, this option is right for you if you don’t want to spend money on various editing apps. It makes no sense while you’re studying. If you use online academic assistance from such a service as Speedy Paper, get SpeedyPaper discounts not to spend much money on it. Order homework online and devote yourself to studying graphic design.

Design Wizard

This tool is another online design software, helping graphic designers save time. It’s even more popular than the Canva and other similar websites. It gives the user access to high-quality images, vectors, templates, patterns, etc., that can be used in any sphere: from media to print. Design Wizard isn’t free, but all people can test all its features during the trial period to decide. Sign up on Design Wizard to get inspiration and create unique designs fast.